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In many countries today, people in cities either live alone or in small family units, rather than in large family groups. Is this a positive or negative trend?

More and more people in cities these days prefer to live alone or in a small family instead of living with a large family. Although people should always respect and welcome the older people, from my perspective, it is better for everyone or every small family to live separately, which is really a positive trend for many reasons.

First of all, small families can make decisions about the future lives easily. If they live with more people, they have to take the ideas from those from those people into account. In this case, the older people could be a big burden on new families if these families need, for example, to move to another place to find better jobs, because the current place is only suitable for the elders and does not offer a variety of job opportunities. Therefore, the extended family will become an obstacle when people need to make a big decision.

In addition, there is always a gap among generations, and that is why living either alone or in a small family unit seems better. The gap normally appears whenever the family has to deal with a specific problem. Since the horizons of people vary according to their ages, more person of different age groups will propose their own solutions to the problem. As a result, this will form conflicts amount family members.

Last but not least, it Is a good chance for older people to enjoy their time in a different way. For instance, they can travel for tourism. They can relieve stress and freely concentrate on following their hobbies like playing chess with friends without having to resolve the conflicts amount younger family members mentioned above.

In conclusion, I believe that it would be better for society to see the growing trend of small families, as this trend would reduce the number of conflicts among family members and give new generations more chances to make better decisions for their own lives, and it is also an opportunity for the elders to enjoy their time.

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