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Most of the world’s urgent problems are caused by over-population. Do you agree or disagree?

There has been a remarkable rise in the world population in comparison with the past, which contributes to a host of social issues around the globe. As far as I am concerned, I completely agree that overpopulation is regarded as a matter of the utmost urgency that the world has to deal with.

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Overcrowded situation leads to poor standard of living in various ways. There would be higher rate of unemployment due to fierce competitiveness in the workforce. Moreover, homelessness is also a matter as inflation in housing prices can occur, especially in metropolitan cities. For instance, some people have to sleep under bridges or on park benches, while others have to build some temporary houses in slums. What is more, they easily commit great social evils such as drug addiction, robberies as a result of non-orientated and non-motivated lives, thus threaten the safety of society.

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The growth of population ultimately has a severe impact on the environment. Pollution can be attributed to the overuse of private vehicles and human activities such as throwing rubbish in public places. For example, according to the latest research, Hanoi that has become densely populated with a great number of immigrants from various regions in Vietnam has dangerous air quality index, which easily causes serious diseases. Besides, natural resources are now falling short of paramount needs and numerous wildlife is losing its habitat because of deforestation.

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In conclusion, overpopulated situation around the world has placed a great burden on each citizen and the environment. This is the reason why I would consider this problem as the most pressing one that has to be tackled immediately.

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