Đề Thi Writing IELTS Ngày 17/ 11 / 2018

Ngày thi hôm nay (17/ 11/ 2018) cũng rất nhẹ nhàng khi Task 1 là đường 2 line rất ưu là dễ và Task 2 là chủ đề Media (medium).

Một số học trò thi xong về nói rằng cái khó ở Task 1 là ít số liệu quá viết không đủ từ (phải viết trên 150 từ). Mình có suggest như sau:

  • Viết phân tích detail hơn, cụ thể là viết năm Mobile vượt qua Fixed (Took over = vượt qua)
  • Viết các cụm từ vô thưởng vô phạt như: It is clear from the graph that, as we can see that…
  • Dùng những cấu trúc dài hơn, phức tạp 1 chút: the figure for mobile phone subscribers per 100 inhabitants increased gradually => there was a gradually increase in the figure for… (thay vì viết 2 từ, mình viết được những 5 từ :v)

Đề thi Writing IELTS ngày 17/ 11 / 2018, phần Task 2 khá khoai với những bạn có ít từ vựng và ideas về chủ đề Media. Dạng câu hỏi và cách ra đề không quá rắc rối, thế nhưng lòi ra đủ từ vựng và ideas viết đc 1 bài essay 250 từ cũng khoai chứ chả chơi.

Task 1

The number of subscribers paid for fixed telephone lines and cell phones in Africa from 1994 and 2004


Task 2

Nowadays, there is a trend that reports of media focus on problems and emergencies rather than positive development. Some people think it is harmful to individuals and to society. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In recent times, media has been in the limelight and has aroused the wide concern for the pernicious effects associated with it. Some people are of the fervent conviction that focusing on negative and urgent issues is detrimental to the society. From my perspective, I partially agree this view.

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There are several reasons why media coverage related to problems and urgent issues is proven to bring enormous benefits for both the social and citizens. Firstly, it is responsibility of the mass media to cover negative issues such as the natural disaster, which allows people to protect them from the potential financial loss and physical injury. To take a concrete example, new reports from the television programs covering the information about tsunami and earthquake of the central of Vietnam set the pivotal platform for warning the government and inhabitants. Secondly, the environmental pollution topics from the mass media is of great necessity for protecting the environment. Indeed, it not only raises the public’s awareness of protecting habitant but also catch the government’s attention to this phenomenon.

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However, the excessive reports on problems negatively influence the behavior of people, as well as the journalists’ conduct. It is obvious that when people are exposed to too much news about crimes or accidents, they will lose the sense of security. As a result, they become over-cautious and suspicious of the others which lead to have difficulties to build interpersonal relationship. Moreover, it encourages journalists to create bad stories and deliver the exaggerated news. Indeed, some people believe that the dramatic and exciting news is easy to draw the public’s attention, they tend to write their articles with the emphasis of negative parts of the stories so that their newspapers will sell well. Therefore, it will result in face news and unreal stories.

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In conclusion, although the bad news create the feeling of anxiety and uncomfort to a large number of audiences, they are unavoidable in current information. The government and the citizens can learn to solve the problems.

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