Đề Thi Writing IELTS Ngày 2/ 2/2019

Cận tết quá rồi mà cũng có ngày thi :((( Đề thi ielts writing nay thuộc loại medium, đề này cũng quá quen thuộc rồi nhỉ.

Task 1

bar chart and pie charts.


Task 2

More and more people want to own famous brands for clothes, cars and other items . Do you think this is negative or positive development ?

Đề writing này khá giống 1 bài đã ra năm 2013 và 2015. Điểm khác duy nhất là đề dưới là dạng TWO-PART, còn đề ngày 9/2/2019 là dạng Advantages & Disadvantages.

More and more people want to own famous brands of cars, clothes and other items. What are the reasons for this? Is this a negative or positive trend? (2015)

Đề 2015 là dạng twopart, sẽ chứa nhiều requirements hơn đề 2019, nên mình sẽ đưa bài mẫu bài 2015, các bạn có thể tham khảo và rút ra được những phrase và vocabulary cho bài 2019 nhé.

Following the rapid development of human beings’ living standards, nowadays the demand of possessing luxurious daily items keeps dramatically surging forward. In my opinion, it is an absurd judgment that the desire of owning these modern and renowned stuff would be detrimental to the society; but oppositely, it brings up a lot of benefits.

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To begin with, the most legible reason why people are inclined to hold more lavish objects is that those luxurious items refer to their social rank. To be more precise, bringing some expensive and famous-branded products outside not only gives people confidence in both general and business communication, but also makes them, to some extent, more respectable in others’ consideration. As an illustration, having a Rolex watch on your wrist or making phone calls by an iPhone from Apple is somehow equivalent to be estimated that you are recently in upper-class, or at least you are aware of being updated to current propensity of modern items.

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As a matter of fact, a group of strict individuals can enunciate that it is such a grotesque situation when some people are enjoying conveniences through well-known and of course, well-cost items, some are fighting for basic needs in which food or drink stand out as the most observable examples. However, it is an indisputable fact that basically, famous-branded stuff of some will be others’ objectives to endeavor their utmost to achieve; and as a whole, society surely benefits from a hard-working and competitive population. For example, a random businessman who sees his partner wearing more renowned business attire will be likely to do his best to make money for a higher, or at least equal-classed suits. Consequently, he fortuitously contributes to social general development.

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To conclude with, many opposing points of view would be posed; but as far as I am concerned, people have the right to pursuit things that they deserve to possess, and of course, famous brands of cars, clothes or other items are not exceptions. Purchasing these kinds of objects is a concretely advantageous trend, and personally, I suppose that exactly is the reason why the world is blossoming with such significant pace.

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