Đề Thi Writing IELTS Ngày 2/ 3/2019

Và thế là mọi chuyện đã xong. Hì… Đề thi Writing hôm nay Task 1 là Process (như cảnh báo) nhé mọi người, Task 2 thì đỡ hơn 1 tí (topic Work).

Mọi người có thể xem đáp án Listen và Read ở đây nhé:

Task 1


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Task 2

The world of work is changing rapidly and people cannot  depend on the same job or same conditions of work for life.  Discuss the possible causes for these changes and give your suggestions on how people should prepare for work in the future?

It is true that in the modern workplace, employees can no longer rely on keeping the same job, or even the same working conditions, for life. While there are some important reasons for this, there are also ways in which people might prepare for work in the future.

The most important cause for such changes is the introduction of new technology. In terms of manufacturing, few workers can expect to have a steady job. This is an inevitable consequence of mechanisation and, while this increases labour productivity, it also reduces the need for workers. In product design, for instance, advances in technology, using computer software packages, have resulted in the loss of conventional skills of creative drawing. In service industries, online shopping and self-service supermarket checkouts result in fewer staff. Order pickers, working alongside robots, in vast warehouses like Amazon mean fewer assistants in stores to provide personal service to customers.

However, people must prepare for the future world of work. One suggestion is that workers should be prepared to welcome change by accepting the need for flexible working hours, or even moving to another area or country to find employment. Another suggestion is that employers ought to play their part by providing vocational courses and training at work, so that their employees can learn new skills. For example, a person serving customers in a store would also be able to tackle administrative work requiring them to be computer literate.

In conclusion, although leading-edge technology has changed how people work, employers and employees must find ways to adapt to such changes.

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