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There are more workers to work from home and more students to study from home. This is because computer technology is more and more easily accessible and cheaper. Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

It is true that computer technologies are more accessible and cheaper, which has created a virtual world that is transforming human life profoundly. By virtue of this trend, more and more people are inclined to choose home-working or home-schooling. I hold a conviction that it is a both positive and negative phenomenon.

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On the one hand, people can reap several benefits from this trend. One of the most obvious advantages of this development is greater flexibility. By working remotely, employees can start their working days after they finish household chores or childcare responsibilities, rather than ticking to a fixed timetable. Students can work at their own pace, since online courses spare them the trouble of struggling to keep up with teachers in classes. Moreover, the advent of computers can enhance the availability of employment and education regardless of geographical barrier. Home-working enables employers to recruit people living in a long distance or even disabled workers, thus making job opportunities more accessible to individuals. Similarly, for students who live in a far-flung place or those with physical handicaps, online learning is an appropriate choice.

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On the other hand, it should be noted that this trend might give rise to some potential problems. Employers many have to face difficulties in monitoring and evaluating employee’s performance, if a company is largely dominated by a flexible work mode. Likewise, distance-learning many lead to the possibility that some young students who lack self-discipline would be affected by violence and pornography on the Internet. Even more, this trend can result in the lack of close-knit community, because children and employees just stay at home without partaking or interacting with other people.

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In conclusion, although technological advancements, especially computers, contribute to a forward-looking home-working and home-schooling, we still need to notice their hidden threats and take advantage this trend in moderation.

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