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Đề thi IELTS Writing ngày hôm nay khá “khoai”, chủ đề Animal products :(((

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In the modern world, it is no longer necessary to use anima as food or to use anima products for, for example, clothing and medicines. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is a widely held belief that people in the modern world no longer have a need for eating meat or consuming animal products such as fashion items and medicines. I totally agree with this opinion as we are now able to live comfortable lives without slaughtering animals.

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There are two major reasons as to why we no longer need to use animals as food. Abstaining from animal-based foods, high in fat and cholesterol, means a reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, bring enormous health benefits. Such as meatless diet can also ensure people’s intake of sufficient nutrients since there is now a wide range of alternatives to meat. Whole food and plant-based foods are proven to be as nutritious as animal meat. For example, people could use pulses as a good sources of protein, eliminating the need for beef in their daily meals.

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Other animal products such as clothing and medicines are also largely unnecessary in today’s developed world. Whereas in the past animal skin and fur were essential in order to make clothes, this is no longer the case today since the textile industry has made significant leaps, allowing synthetic fabric such as polyester to be mass produced to accommodate the ever-increasing demand. The same logic should be also applied to medicines derived from animals. Advanced technology in medicine together with a wide variety of plant-based supplements could ultimately see the removal of animal products in medicine, provided that such a trend is incentivized by government initiatives.

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In concussion, it is justifiable to say that animals should not be killed for any reason since people now have a range of alternatives to animal-based products, ensuring a conformable and convenient life without causing suffering to animals.

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