24 January 2018

Ngày 16/ 12/ 2017

The use of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, are replacing face-to-face contact in this century. Do you think the advantages of this way outweigh the disadvantages?

With the advances in technology, the traditional way of communication is substituted by the use of social media such as Facebook or Twitter. Despite some unavoidable drawbacks, I hold the opinion that this replacement culminates in more benefits.

On the one hand, keeping contact on social media replaces direct interaction is to some extent disadvantageous. Firstly, the over-reliance on those online platforms inevitably discourages real communication. Instead of meeting and exchanging information face-to-face, people may depend on online conversations to update changes in their social contacts, gradually loosening the closeness. For instance, hardly will friends have any gatherings when status posts become a common way to keep in touch. Secondly, this alternative may pose many threats to users since computer hackers can steal vital information they have shared or updated in their accounts, without mentioning the risks stemming from seeders and unreal users on the cyberspace.

On the other hand, I still argue that when a direct way of contact is superseded by the use of social media, it brings more benefits. Chief among that is to erase geographical barriers and, therefore, facilitate communication with others hundreds of miles far away. For example, an overseas student can easily talk with his relatives by text-messaging or a businessman can make video-conferencing with his international counterpart, regardless of a long distance. Furthermore, this replacement accelerates the speed of transmitting informationA conventional way to keep in touch takes a person hours to go to an appointment and deliver information, but with social media, he can instantly send this news to the receiver’s inbox or even make it go viral.

In conclusion, albeit detrimental to real communication and risky to users, the use of social media to replace face-to-face contact is of more benefit.

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