Task 1

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Task 2

Some people believe that the range of technology available to individuals is increasing the gap between the rich people and the poor people. Others think this has an opposite effect.

Discuss both view and give your own opinion.

Some people argue that in the modern society, technological advancements are increasing the gap between the wealthy and the poor while others believe that technology is decreasing the gap between them. In my opinion, certain technologies are available to all people in the society and help reduce the gap between the rich and the poor. However, certain innovations are inaccessible to the poor because of their high cost.

Certain inventions and discoveries decreased the gap between people of different income levels. This is because they are accessible to all people due to their availability at cheaper rates. For example, the internet technology is available to almost all sections of the society. It is affordable to all people and certain places such as railway stations, bus stations and airport are WiFi hotspots where internet is freely available. Online shopping facilities, e-learning opportunities and social networking sites are available to both affluent and poor people in the society and they decrease the gap between the rich and the poor.

However, certain advancements in technology are not affordable for the poorer sections of the society. Modern medicine, for example, is expensive. Certain new drugs and diagnostic procedures are very costly. Certain affluent people who developed cancer took treatment with a special kind of protein which was very expensive but had fewer side effects compared to conventional chemotherapy. Rich people can access these treatments by spending only a small portion of their income and improve their health. Poor people, on the other hand, have to spend all of their money for conventional treatments and yet there is no guarantee that they condition will improve.

In conclusion, certain innovations in technology decrease the gap between the rich and the poor while certain developments make society more polarized. It is hoped that in the near future all technologies will be available to all people regardless of their economic status.