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Task 2

Nowadays, some employers think that formal academic qualifications are more important than life experience or personal qualities when they look for new employees.

Why is in this case? Is a positive or negative development?

In today’s contemporary world, employers prioritize academic qualifications over experiences and personality traits for recruitment, which may be because of the demand for knowledgeable employees. In my opinion, this development is a negative one as it comprises certain underlying issues.

The twenty-first-century world is technologically advanced and consists of open markets where distinct niches have been created. As a result, employers now need people who have expertise in specific areas, such as marketing, analytics, statistics and more, and academic qualifications provide proof of technical prowess of the candidates to the employers. For example, EY, one of the leading accounting firms has distinct fortes and aims to hire explicit people for specific roles, such as accountants for its tax and audit departments, engineers for its digital and IT departments, and lawyers for its legal departments.

This trend involves some adverse repercussions that make it a negative development as academic qualification is not a barometer of work performance. In other words, life experiences and personal qualities represent exposure to different situations and skills that are necessary for professionalism. For instance, a person may have several qualifications, but he may not be hardworking, social and a team player. Such as person may face difficulty in managing multiple tasks and conflict in working with teams, which hampers his efficiency and the results of the firm that he works for. Consequently, an employer must look for a balance between qualifications, experiences and personality traits when recruiting new employees.

In conclusion, employers believe academic qualifications to be more vital than life experiences and personality due to their requirement of experts for the jobs, which I believe is a negative development as considering qualifications over the other two criteria may result in an imbalance and lower work efficiency.

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