24 January 2018

Ngày 4/ 11/ 2017

It is difficult for people in the cities to get enough physical exercise. What are the causes and solutions?

It is quite challenging for city dwellers to have sufficient workouts every day. I think the lack of physical practice stems from two main reasons, which are no access to suitable exercise places and the shortage of time, but many effective solutions can be taken by both governments and individuals to address this detrimental trend.

The fact that people in urban areas have difficulties having enough workouts seems to be reasonable. The first culprit is that they do not find where to do exercise. Those metropolises are too overpopulated to have any open space such as a park or a stadium for them to work out. Therefore, despite the awareness of the significance of daily exercise, there is no public place in the proximity of their house. The second argument is the lively and vibrant lifestyle there. People in the city are swept into the maelstrom of work, and they use the excuse of no time to ignore taking up exercise.

However, governments and individuals can take some workable measures to overcome those difficulties. For the governments, they can construct some public places or gym clubs in every corner of the city. If the availability of places and equipment to do exercise increases, city dwellers may spend more time enhancing their physical health. For individuals, they need to take advantage of every moment to do exercise. For example, in office, they can walk the stairs instead of using escalators or simply take a brisk walk after lunch. Those split workouts are still as effective as continuous ones.

In conclusion, although some hinders prevent inhabitants in the city from taking up enough exercise, governments and individuals can work together to deal with this problem.

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