Task 1

The chart below shows the average cost of monthly contract for four different mobile (cell) phones in a European country from January to September 2002, measured in euro.




Task 2

Some people argue that government money should not used for art and cultural activities. Some people said it is necessary for governments to fund those activities for the benefits of their population.

Discuss both views and give your opinion

People have different views about whether or not public money should be spent on art and cultural events. I hold the opinion that governments should allot part of their spending to such activities because they offer tremendous benefits in various ways.

Opponents of money allocation for art and cultural activities tend to argue that government expenditure should be used to improve public services, thereby enhancing people’s overall quality of life rather than spent on the arts, which is often deemed an unnecessary waste. In interestingly secular societies, large proportion of taxpayers have no religion nor an interest in arts. Therefore, spending public money on organizing such events, which serves them no benefit, may be considered a waste of money. From the viewpoint, monetary contribution through tax system should be, for example, invested in upgrading the public transport system to make people’s experiences more comfortable or building more parks where they can gather to relax, keep fit, and improve their general wellbeing.

However, I believe that art and cultural activities deserve funding from the government for many reasons. To begin with, such celebrations are the hall marks of a society in terms of its time-honored culture, which should be preserved by all means. With the abolition of traditional events, it might only be a matter of time before the lass of cultural identities occurs. In addition, festivities are instruments in boosting the economic growth of a country. Take Thailand as a typical example. Songkran, which this the Thai New Year’s festival, attracts a massive influx of tourists from different parts of the world every year, exporting the unique image of Tai culture worldwide and thus promoting its tourism industry in such a way that is inimitable.

In conclusion, although opinion is largely divided, as discussed above, I am completely convinced that art an cultural events should be funded by the government because indispensable role in retaining a country’s distinct cultural values and stimulating economic development.