People think that children nowadays have more freedom. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is thought that recently, young people are given more freedom than in the past. When considering their rights to make decisions in financial and educational perspectives, I concur with this view, but it is not true for recreation and daily routines.

On the one hand, children have more personal autonomy in some aspects, including finance and study. Firstly, they have more money and are free to decide how to spend it. This freedom stems from the increasing affluence in an average family, and therefore, parents give them more allowance monthly than in the past, so they can buy toys, clothes or whatever they like without being controlled. Secondly, children are also less confined to choose majors. While young people were normally forced to learn subjects which could widen their career prospects such as technology or engineering, children in modern life own a more powerful voice and have the freedom to pursue their interest even when it is artistic or vocational.

On the other hand, some aspects show a rising restriction on children. The most obvious one is recreational activities. Youngsters are no longer permitted to participate in leisure activities freely but are confined to a life of indoor supervision. This results from the parental fears of crime, bullying and road accidents, and consequently, parents tend to excessively protect their offspring. Furthermore, each couple has fewer children so they try to put their offspring under surveillanceculminating in the loss of freedom in their daily life. For instance, many of them are banned from walking to school unaccompanied or sleeping over at friends’ houses.

In conclusion, I accept that children currently have more independence to either buy whatever they want or choose their study path, but in several aspects such as spending free time or organizing their life, they are more controlled.

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