Scientific Research

Many people believe that scientific researches should be carried out and controlled by the government rather than private company.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

It is argued that the authority should be the one which conducts and manages scientific studies. While I agree with this point of view to some extent, I strongly believe that private organizations are a better candidate taking responsibility of such essential research. 

Admittedly, there are some good reasons why the government should be in charge of carrying and controlling scientific research. Firstly, it is the budget from national taxes that supports scientists and researchers. Therefore, the company in charge would receive money to complete their work without worrying about the depletion of resources. Secondly, some dependent companies only look for profits, which makes it extremely dangerous. For example, a company may find out chemistry that can make biological weapons, and then may sell it to an antisocial party in Pakistan; this is certainly harmful to almost all human beings.

However, despite some arguments above, I am of the opinion that private firms would do the research mentioned above much better. Firstly, non-governmental companies usually pay a huge amount of money for their staff; this helps them attract more talented and skillful scientists to work for them. As a result, scientific studies and papers conducted by these organizations are likely to be more accurate. Secondly, as the authority has many aspects to take care of, independent firms often concentrate on one to two fields, which helps to bring more proper results. For example, MCG, which is a medical company in Binh Duong, only concentrates on two particular fields that are researching and manufacturing new medicines, which makes it better than other governmental companies in Vietnam.

In conclusion, it seems to me that private institutions are much better in conducting and directing important research.

(Band 8.5, Nam Đỗ) 

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