07 February 2018

Writing Task 1 Sample – Map – Life Cycle of The Frog

The diagram below shows a life cycle of a frog. 

The flowchart illustrates the development of a frog.

It is clear that there are six distinct stages in this life cycle, from egg to mature frog.

Initially, the eggs, which are called frogspawn, float on the surface of the pond. The step after is the emergence of the small tadpole, which has a small body and a long tail. Gradually, the tadpole develops and its body enlarges while the tail becomes longer. At this point in the cycle, the legs appear in order to prepare the tadpole for its future life on land.

Eventually, the tadpole starts to change into a young frog with a wider mouth, a reduced tail, and bigger legs. At this time, the young frog continues to live in the pond.  Over time, the frog matures and moves onto land.  As a result of being on land, it breathes air and it loses its tail. The final stage of the cycle is when the frog finds a mate so as to produce eggs. Having completed all these steps, the cycle life begins again.

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