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  • Where it is.
  • What is the appearance of it
  • Explain why you like or dislike it.



I'm going to describe a modern building in Binh Duong. It's called the Becamex Tower, and it's the second tallest building in the city, with about 50 floors.

In fact, the bottom half of the tower is used for malls and entertainment and the top half is office for lease. The offices are expensive because the location and views make them very desirable.

I'm not sure if I like the design of the building, it's just a huge glass tower, but it definitely stands out. It has become a famous landmark in the city. You can see it as you approach Binh Duong, and it's an easy place to meet people because it's so distinctive and easy to find. The most interesting thing about the Becamex Tower is that there is a bar on the 4th floor which has spectacular views of the city; it's definitely the best vantage point in Binh Duong because there are no walls, only huge windows, so you can look out over the city in any direction. I'd recommend anyone who visits Binh Duong to go there and experience the view.


Alternative Answer

The central Bank building is the one that really impressed me. I was then almost 17 years old when I first this building and I still remember that I became amazed watching and wondering about it.

10-15 stories building are quite common in our town but the 75 storied central bank building is really different. Not only it is higher than most other buildings but it also possesses an eye-catchy architectural design which is bound to absorb any one's attention. From far it will only give you the impression of a futuristic mega structure but if you observe the building from nearby, you will see the real beauty of it.

It looks like every inch of it has been drawn before building it. This building is a fine piece of architecture that prominently announces its presence. When I looked at the top of this building I got the impression that it is endless and has made its way over the sky. The long round clock in from of this building ticks twice to let the city dwellers know its presence.

This central bank building is situated near the National Museum of the city. From a far away, it looks like a pathway to the sky and from nearby it seems like a massive yet beautifully designed architectural building.


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