16 July 2016

Bài Sửa Writing Task 2 #2 – Band 8.0

More and more people want to buy famous brands with clothes, cars and other items.

What are the reasons? Do you think it is a positive or negative trend?

It is true that there is an increasing number of people purchasing luxurious products of well-known brands. While this phenomenon can be caused by several reasons, I personally believe it would bring more harm than good.

Admittedly, more people buying expensive possessions may be HAS resulted from a handful of reasons. Firstly, possessing expensive goods could be considered as a way of showing how rich and fashionable an individual is. For example, affluent students usually drive pricy brand cars such as Mercedes and Ferrari to school, this WHICH may make them outstanding and attractive to others. THUS, people can feel more confident about themselves BY DOING THIS. Secondly, some luxurious brands are often regarded of high quality, AND this encourages those who have good financial conditions to keep buying these companies’ items. It is apparent that instead of purchasing a product used in several months THAT HAVE A SMALLER LIFE, people tend to spend a little more money to possess prolonged one SUCH PRODUCTS WHICH LAST LONGER.  

However, I am of the opinion that buying expensive items can be detrimental. To begin with, it is a waste of money because consumers can purchase affordable items with similar functions at a much lower price. For instance, instead of buying an IPhone iPHONE which costs over 300 dollar, consumers can pay approximately 100 dollar for a Samsung mobile phone, which has the same quality and functions. In addition, rich buyers who own various luxurious possessions are often in danger of being robbed. Some bad guys often look for women and children who carry costly items to rob, and then they can sell them to earn money.

In conclusion, purchasing costly clothes, cars and other items from OF famous brands could be caused by a few reasons and it is my opinion that this phenomenon is negative.

(285 words) 


Phần chử màu đỏ là phần ghi thêm vào

Những chổ nào sai mình sẽ gạch ngang.

TA (Task Achievement) 8.0

– Trả lời hết câu hỏi (Cover all parts of the essay) 

CC (Cohension & Coherence) 8.0

– Sắp xếp ideas tốt, dùng linking devices, paragraphing tốt, có câu topic cho từng paragraph

LR (Lexical Resource) 8.0

– Sử dụng đa dạng từ (topic related vocabulary), dùng từ đúng context, paraphrase tốt

GA (Grammartical Range & Accuracy) 7.5

– Dùng nhiều grammar structure, nhưng vẫn có chổ bị sai sót

~~ 8.0

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