Đề Thi Writing IELTS Ngày 8/ 12 / 2018

Ngày 8/12 vừa qua phải nói đề thi quá dễ luôn, chúc mừng các bạn sĩ tử đã đi thi ngày này nhé. 

Task 1


Task 2

Nowadays, most people try to balance between work and other part of lives. Unfortunately, not many achieve this balance. What are the problems of this? Suggest some solutions to solve the problem.M

Today, seven out of ten adults are engrossed in a struggle to keep the work-life conflict at bay, but are seldom able to achieve this feat since they prioritize their professional commitments over their family obligations. This quite often makes them dedicate most of their time to work, or on phones and laptops, when at home. Many feel that it is necessary to keep the work on the priority, or they may be superseded by the ones who can perform better.
Moreover, shortage of time is also a leading to an office-family life clash. Commuting to the offices, and back home, apart from very brief gaps between different tasks leaves little time for the families. Every day, working individuals spend an enormous amount of time in travelling, and squeezing in multiple tasks within the stipulated time. This taxes them both physically and mentally, thus leaving them too drained to think about doing a balancing act between their offices and homes.
However, striking a balance between the personal and professional routines is not a far cry. Managing the time well, like leaving home 10 minutes earlier can save hours wasted in commuting; allocating a predefined time to every task, and leaving unfinished task for next slot, etc. Under no circumstances, time to be devoted to family chores should be sacrificed.

Henceforth, although striking a harmony between professional and family lives may seem to be an uphill task, it is not at all difficult.

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