Để đạt điểm cao trong IELTS Speaking, bạn nên dùng nhữ idioms như trên để nghe giống 1 native speaker. 

Get along with (có 1 mối quan hệ tốt với sai đó)
vd: I suppose I always got along quite well with my brothers when growing up.

Look up to (thần tượng or kính trọng ai đó)
Vd: When I was a child I always look up to my uncle. He was a real hero in my life.

Be on the same wavelength (có cùng suy nghĩ, cùng sở thích với ai đó)
Vd: We’re almost exactly on the same wavelength as each other and agree about almost everything

A rocky relationship (Một quan hệ khó khăn) = a love-hate relationship.
Vd: It was quite a rocky relationship as we used to argue with each other all the time and we sometimes went days without speaking to each other.

Get off on the wrong foot with (bắt đầu sai lầm về một mối quan hệ.
Vd: Although we are now good friends, our relationship got off on the wrong foot and initially we couldn’t stand each other.

Let someone down (Làm ai đó thất vọng)
Vd: I do like her, but there was one occasion when she let me down quite badly.

turn sour (ngày càng tệ)
Vd: I think our relationship turned sour when she refused to help me.

Fall out with/over something (bắt đầu có sự bất đồng quan điểm)
Vd: We used to get on pretty well but then we fell out with each other when we went to university.

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